1. What's the difference between all dressed up and energized?
Energized only refers to your web site graphic design.
All dressed up refers to the site graphic design and the content within your web pages.
How do we dress up your pages? Read on...
All dressed up Web Site Package
Initial quote starts at 5,000.00
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The All Dressed Up web site package is for serious web site marketers. The time and money put into this project will be taxing yet will reward you with an excellent selling tool. We'll dig into your business and pull out the sales copy necessary to turn your visitors into customers. We'll turn simple text copy into polished graphic design. We'll use images to convey complex ideas and emotions.
Every page, every image, every word will have one goal in mind. To sell your services and create business.
Your online credibility will skyrocket and your users will use you as a point of reference in your industry. We'll brainstorm and produce quality search engine queries. In turn, we'll optimize your web pages for high search engine results for those queries.
We'll guide you through the maze of online marketing and get you positioned for success. This is not a one sided project. We'll require you to do some research for us and get your hands "dirty". You won't suceed if we don't teach you how to maintain your online visibility and allow you to do it yourself. We'll get you started but if you don't follow our instructions for long term results this entire project will be a waste.
This is a long term project and may take several revisions before we're done. Expect between 1-2 months of consultation, design and copy creation. Once the site has been re-launched expect another 6 months of analysis before we're happy with the results and given your site our seal of approval.
This is no small decision. But we're excited to help any business that wants to excel in the online world of business.
Read the fine print:
This initial quote is for 10 pages of content.
Included within these pages are the search engine phrases. To be efficient, we will only include up to 3 phrases per page for a total of 30 search engine phrases. By the way.. 30 phrases is ALOT of phrases and will take alot of time and long term effort to produce quality traffic from them.
Included within this package is the training and direction for an online marketing campaign. Some of these campaigns cost money which are not included within the package. Some of the campaigns are free and we'll start the campaign but you will need to learn what we've started and continue it.
Included within these pages are graphic design elements such as font images like this:
Included within these pages are the image manipulation for the stock photography like this:
Not included are the cost for any stock photography required (Such as the image of the person jumping above). Stock photography can run from 50 cents to 300 dollars an image.