iMakeSense, LLC is a company focused on high value, low cost websites to help businesses and non-profits use the internet to show their products and services in ways that are simply not possible with conventional marketing approaches.  We want to be known as a practical, personal, service oriented company.
We believe that customers should gain all the cost benefits of automation and be able to optionally add artistic touches to websites as time and budget allows. 
Automation and technology are great but most people want a personal touch so each client has a named sales person to call for help.  You don't leave a message on a computerized support system and wonder who's going to call back.  If your sales person is in Switzerland on vacation (we allow that), you can always call Howard or David.  Our cell phone numbers are posted on this website.  Imagine that!
We have a philosophy of outsourcing for efficiency.  We could have spent time building and maintaining our own servers but chose to work with a strong partner to allow us to focus on you.  See "services/web site hosting"  We will follow this philosophy as long as it doesn't reduce service quality or the personal touch.