David Hayakawa, our founder, president and chief programmer is a visionary who is never satisfied with the status quo.  Because of his years of experience in sales and service he also is intensely focused on the needs of the customer.  He constantly works to make websites easier and more functional for non-technical people.  While many talk of websites being for everyone, David actually believes it's part of his work to make it a reality.  He knows that people don't need to know anything technical just to have and maintain a website.  Our customers tell him that on a regular basis.
Customer orientation is also rooted in reality.  He regularly says "people don't buy websites", "they buy the ability to show their products and services in a new and exciting way".
David's sales experience in e-commerce, real estate, sporting goods and the housing industry allows him to relate to the needs of small business owners. 
His quality assurance experience with major corporations such as HP, Palm and ATT, T-mobile and MicroSoft provides a perspective unusual for entrepreneurs and a strong personal commitment to quality.
David has a technical degree in Computer Systems/Web Programming but is totally committed to keep our service easy for non-technical people.  He's a non-geek programmer who naturally avoids the inclusion of technology just because it's cool.   David has years of experience in web site design first using traditional methods and now using advanced database driven content management systems.  David's real strength is his motivation to do the hard work to make web marketing techniques easily available to everyone. 
This service became a reality because David didn't like the drudgery of repetitive programming to create a basic website and definitely didn't like charging people so much and being unaffordable for many businesses who could profitably use a website.  He worked nights and weekends to automate and simplify as much as possible and "the rest is history".   See "a new way of thinking" under "company".
David is no longer with iMakeSense but his vision continues and he helps occasionally with technical things.