Your business is unique. It has it's own personal brand that you've built or are attempting to build. Your web site should reflect that brand. Your online identity will sometimes be the only chance you get at a first impression.
Custom Web Site Graphic Design
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Your Businesses Credibility is based upon your web site's overall visual appeal.
Stanford University did a study on  2,684 people  to determine how people judged a web site's credibility. The study showed some interesting trends:
Our result among consumers about the prominence of site design and overall look was not what we had hoped to find. Participants seemed to make their credibility-based decisions about the people or organization behind the site based upon the site's overall visual appeal.
To see the entire study go to: Consumer Web Watch 
You have to ask yourself some difficult questions first. These questions should help you determine whether or not it's in your interested to spend the extra money to give your web site a professional design "facelift".
1. Check your web site statistics, are you getting enough visitors to warrant a re-design?
2. Does your business depend on people checking our your web site to make a decision to use your service?
3. Do you find that most of your clients are referred by word of mouth? If so, people will more than likely do a search to find out more information about your company since they have never heard of you. Usually recommendations only spark interest, they don't close the deal. Your potential client will want to know more about you before they make a decision.
4. While we think our free designs are good starter designs, have you been given feedback from your friends or clients that your site doesn't really fit your business?
5. Is your website the only "storefront" that your clients will get to see? If you provide a nationwide service, work out of your home, vehicle or do not typically have clients come to your office, your website will by the only reference your clients will ever see. Does your website reflect the quality of service you provide?
6. Does your competition make your web site look bad?