At iMakeSense we offer a unique service. We've heard numerous times that we don't seem to charge enough. We hear this not only by our web designer peers but also from our clients.
We hear it enough that we are almost tempted to raise our prices for that service... just because we can. But after we stop and think about it, we decide against it. Why? Mostly because we don't think you should have to pay a  lot to get online.
What are you cutting out? 
You might think we cut out a lot of stuff to get the price down but we didn't.
For one you get experience. Our two man team has over 50 years of combined technical experience. In our prior lives, we've worked for HP, Palm, AT&T, T-Mobile, Digital Equipment & Microsoft just to drop a few names you may have heard of before.
We didn't learn how to develop websites in our spare time either. Both Partners have technical degrees. One in Electrical Engineering and other in Computer Systems/Web Programming.
We've been developing professional web sites for over 5 years. Both static and dynamic.
Not only do you get experience, but you get a crazy amount of features that are included with each web site we build.  Once we program a feature into the commonSense CMS, it's yours.  We don't charge you extra for each feature like some of the competition.
You also get our knowledge of how to grow your business online so you can reaps the rewards of earning an income through your website.
A traditional web site is either programmed by hand or built using WYSIWYG editors such as Dreamweaver. While tools like Dreamweaver make it faster to build a web site than hand programming it, it is still time consuming.
We've spent countless hours building a tool that automates almost the entire web site building process. We do not have to program anything anymore to build a web page.
Since we don't have to program it, we don't charge you for it. Nice of us, Eh?