One of the most common questions we get is, "Will people be able to find our business on a web search?"  The only answer we can give them is not always what our clients want to hear. The answer is a long one and a bit vague but it goes something like this:
" It depends. It depends on whether or not you customize your site so that your content is valuable to the search engines. It depends on whether or not other people are linking to your website. It depends on whether or not your content is updated regularly or not. It depends on how general the search term is. It depends on how many other web sites are competing against you for the same search phrase. It just depends. "
This answer of course is not very encouraging. It's not meant to be. In fact it's meant to give you a big dose of reality, which is, probably we can but we'll have to try like crazy and hope for the best because chances are we'll fail alot more than we'll succeed.  
So, is there any hope?
You BET! At iMakeSense we utilize common search engine optimization practices to help our website pages show up. All of our clients can get the benefit of our knowledge and expertise for free.
Does iMakeSense provide Search Engine Optimization Services?
Yes and No. Yes, we'll help you with some of the most common search engine placement tactics. We'll give you free advice and comment on what you're doing.  No, you can't hire us to get you placed high on the search engine results. Why can't you hire us? Mostly, because it's a toss up for end results. We don't want to charge our clients for something we feel is a very difficult, expensive long term project that could result in failure even if we do everything correctly. How could we fail? It's very easy. The search engines use formulas to decide whether or not they're going to list a website at the number 1 spot. People try and guess what the formulas are (the exact formulas are a secret). Once you figure out a formula, then you implement a plan. What happens 7 months down the road when the search engines change the formula? You dissappear. This is what happend a couple of years ago right before Christmas. Google changed their formula and businesses that had spent hundreds of thousands of dollars getting their site to show up just fell off the grid. They actually even tried to sue Google for changing the formula. They couldn't of course, but the lesson was learned. It's messy.
AmIHighAviation is a small flight training school in Stevens Point, WI that asked that question.  We gave Wanda the tips above and she went to work.  They wanted to focus on the search term "weekend ground school" because they want to be know as specialists for that.  After diligent effort, they can be found on page 1 of a google search in front of over 500,000,000 indexed items.  Keep in mind that this is not a geographically limited search but a worldwide search.  Try it!  Over the years, they have been listed as high as number 1.