iMakeSense Services
Read the following questions and see which pertains to your situation the best:
Your customers have been clamouring for a web site. You realize your losing money somehow by not having one. You don't want a plain jane web site. You want a web site that reflects the style of your business. You want control of your web site and want as much value for your dollar as you can possibly get. Check out our Small Biz Pro package .
You have a web site but it's not from us and you would like to convert your existing web site to a fully automated manage it yourself website. We can probably get it done with our Small Biz Pro package - or just contact us, we'll let you know how much it will cost and if it's possible.
You have a web site from us and want to re-design the whole look and feel of your web site. - check out our energize package.
You have a web site from us and want to do some minor tweaks to the look and feel of your web site. - we have contract designers that work for around 30.00 an hour. Contact Us and we'll get you hooked up.
You have a web site from us and want to turn it into a marketing machine. - check out our All Dressed Up marketing package.