You're ready to get your business online. You're serious about wanting to add additional online income to your bottom line. You don't know where to start. Excellent. You're in the right place.
Our Small Biz Pro package is our complete small business web site design choice. Everything you need is included.
Small Biz Pro Level 1 is a complete web site design package.
  • 10 page web site for 600.00
  • Web Site Hosting for 30.00 a month
  • Personalized Web Site Design 
  • Easy Web Page Update

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In more detail:
1. A 10 page web site for $600.00. Most of our clients never need more than 10 pages. It's enough pages to really get your unique message across. You'll provide us with the content and images. If you need some help getting the creative juices flowing we'll give you some great ideas that'll make your business shine. If you need more pages than what we provide, there's no need to worry. It's so easy to add extra pages, you'll be growing your web site all by yourself in minutes. If you don't have enough time to do it yourself we'll quote you a price for the extra pages. It's typically 20-30 dollars extra for each page depending on what you want us to do.
As in every good deal there's a catch, to keep costs down we have to explain what we offer within those 10 pages. So here's the fine print:
  1. Each page of content will be provided by the client in digital format. We recommend Microsoft Word, Microsoft WordPad, Microsoft Notebook and Open Office. Please do not use pdf's, Quark files or any other type of print layout filetypes.
  2. We will insert for free up to 1 image per page. Additional images will require a custom quote. Why is this? Because it takes time to upload, place and format each image. The more images you require the more time it takes for us to help you. Remember we can offer these low prices b/c we've reduced the time it takes to offer you a website and we don't want to increase the price when you can add your own for free.
  3. We will insert for free, up to 50 images into a gallery if they are pre-sized and compressed.
  4. All content that is required to be in table format must be given to us in table format.
  5. All lists of web links must be given to us already created. We will not create lists of web links. Microsoft Word will allow you to create a web link. We can copy and paste from that.
  6. Your web site design will be personalized to match your business. We will insert your logo and the colors for your color scheme. You have 2 or 3 minor design modifications to go back and forth between the design to make your website just right.
  7. Your web site navigation menus can be vertical or horizontal. Flyout menus are a standard feature and can be configured to match your websites look and feel.
2. Web Site Hosting at $30.00 a month. Every web site resides on a computer somewhere. The computer is called a web server. The service that allows you to put your web site on a web server is called web site hosting. Traditionally, the web site design services are separate from the web site hosting services. Every web site we create has to be hosted on our web servers. Our monthly web hosting fees are combined with the lease fees of our content management system that allows us to quickly and affordably build your web site and allows you to keep your web site updated and selling on a regular basis.
We have different hosting levels that will allow your business to grow.
The Level 1 hosting plan will provide 200MB of server space and 2000MB of bandwidth.
I'll explain the numbers for you:
200MB of server space translates to web pages and images. This is a good amount of space that will allow your business to grow into. It gives you the flexibility to host more email accounts and add a ton of documents to your website.
2000MB of bandwidth is basically the number of page views per month. It costs money to send data over the telephone lines. Every time a visitor or search engine visits your site, the web server has to send the web page to the visitors computer. The phone company charges for every little bit of that web page. We in turn have to charge you. In short, 2000MB of bandwidth will get you thousands of page views a month. In order to plan for a thriving web site you'll need this amount of bandwidth. If you do need more, we can accomodate you. When your site is that popular you probably won't mind the 10.00 a month price increase to upgrade your capacity.

3.  We will help you set up email services using either Google or Godaddy. Email service is an additional monthly charge paid to the provider (Google or Godaddy).
4. Web Site Graphic Design. We start with a web site layout. Layouts define things like where you want your logo and navigation. You pick the general layout you prefer, provide a logo and color preferences and we'll implement them into the design for you. Our designers will take design input and hints from you to personalize your web site so that it fits your business perfectly. You will be allow 2-3 minor revisions to insure that your website is just the way you like it. 
Ok there's some more fine print here, make sure you understand it:
Not so fine print.  First of all, we use themes.  Theme is the term for the basic foundation of a website.  Themes provide the ability for you to edit your website and a structure upon which to base your design. 
This is not a full custom design package. This means you are allowed to make as many design suggestions as you like but our designers will pick and choose the suggestions that fit within the boundaries of your project budget. You will be allowed to ask for minor revisions but, they will after 3 minor revisions, stop revising. Except for error correction, you do not get free revisions once the intial design has been created and uploaded to your web site.
Graphic design is limited. You are allow to request modest artwork to be done to your site. All images must be provided. Graphic design is limited to photography work only and does not include illustration artwork creation. Illustrations are a very time consuming project in themselves.
While we do not feel our personalized designs are "UGLY", you might. With that said, we understand your point of view. The personalized designs are not meant to be "Best of show" quality graphic design. Most of our customers like their initial design but if you wish to enhance your website, you have a few options.
  1. Request a quote for specific changes and enhancements to the design. A few of our websites have 1-2 hours extra of special design work. Our contract designers charge by the hour and receive $76 an hour (1/2 hour minimum).
  2. Hire us to create and "Energize" website. We start out at 2000.00 minimum for custom design work (16 hours of consultation and design work). You can read about it on our "energize" web design package.
  3. Bring your own designer to work with us. This allows you to select a designer you like without giving up the ability to maintain the site yourself. Some of our sites were created this way.