Companies are all about people.  Regardless of policies and rules, the ultimate influence on behavior is the motivation and values of the people.  To understand what makes us tick, just look at the perspective of the founders of the company.
We both highly value relationships and are by nature service oriented.  We really want to be appreciated and respected for the personal service we provide.
If you read more about our rules for websites, you'll see that we have high standards in moral and family values.  One very nice thing about our low cost structure is that we're never tempted to compromise our values to win a deal.
The two man team that started iMakeSense has over 50 years of combined technical experience. In our prior lives, we've worked for HP, Intel, Palm, AT&T, T-Mobile, Digital Equipment, Oracle, GE Controls, Wright Patternson AFB, StorageTek & Microsoft just to drop a few names you may have heard of before.  For details, see Howard's resume or David's resume.
The scars and strength of practical experience helps you avoid challenges of pure theory and hypothetical philosophy.   Websites are all about marketing so our broad range of experience will be invaluable as we build something special for you.
We've been developing and consulting professional web sites for over 5 years.  Both static and dynamic.  Our service is based on experience with real world websites from non-profits, small business and major corporations.
You also get our knowledge of how to grow your business online so you can reaps the rewards of earning an income through your website.  Both partners have experience in marketing and sales.
We didn't learn how to develop websites in our spare time either. Both Partners have technical degrees. One in Electrical Engineering and other in Computer Systems/Web Programming.
Our Objective:
High Value, Low Cost, Easy to Use
You get a crazy amount of features that are included with each web site we build.  If we have a feature it's included.  We don't charge for extra features.
What's important is that the features are based on what our customers use more than what programmers want.  We avoid custom software for one customer but will usually consider new functionality that will be useful for multiple customers.
Simplicity in the basics is pre-eminent.  David, the founder and chief programmer is insistent that new functionality not complicate the basic ability to add and edit webpages.