iMakeSense, LLC  home office is located in Stevens Point, WI USA. 
1708 Audrey's Lane
Stevens Point, WI 54481
We are presently expanding our presence into California.
Our clients are located across the nation and we are only limited by the countries we service, which is the United States and Canada.
While we can and have built web sites across the US, we provide a more personalized service within a 90 minute drive of Stevens Point and San Jose, California.   This means we will personally drive and meet with anyone within these boundaries. These cities include but are not limited to:
  • Rhinelander, WI
  • Merrill, WI
  • Wausau, WI
  • Mosinee, WI
  • Weston, WI
  • Rothschild, WI
  • Antigo, WI
  • Clintonville, WI
  • Marshfield, WI
  • Wisconsin Rapids, WI
  • Waupaca, WI
  • New London, WI
  • Fox Valley
  • Appleton, WI
  • Menasha, WI
  • Kaukauna, WI
  • Oshkosh, WI
  • Abbottsford, WI
  • Medford, WI
  • Plover, WI
  • Portage, WI
  • Wisconsin Dells, WI
  • Baraboo, WI
  • Tomah, WI - Tomah is a little far but we'd probably drive there too.
  • Green Bay, WI - some drivers can get there in 90 minutes.  Howard likes the area so he'd probably be willing to go there.
If you would like someone to come out to your business please give us a call or email us to set an appointment.
Below are some cities in Calfornia but we will cover most of South Bay.
  • San Jose
  • Santa Clara
  • Sunnyvale
  • Los Gatos
  • Campbel
  • Cupertino
  • Mountain View

Stevens Point Web Design & Local Search

The following is an article written on the importance of local searching and how it will impact web searches in the future:
Stevens Point web design is a topic that is becoming more and more popular on search engines today. The entire web design industry is struggling to validate itself. Web site design companies are struggling to carve out niches for themselves in this highly competitive business. As such, companies are setting their scope more locally. For example, web design companies in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, USA will optimize their web pages for more local terms, such as Stevens Point web design or web design Stevens Point. This is done in an effort to go after the small, but less competitive, number of searches.

Pursuing these searches can actually prove to be more lucrative for local web design companies than more general searches like web design company, professional web site design, or web site design canada. The reason for this is that searchers are looking for companies to do business with that are located close to them. This is generally thought to increase the comfort level of the client. Therefore, when someone who requires professional web site design starts their search at a search engine (such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, or AltaVista) they will be more choosey about what they search for: Stevens Point web design or web design Stevens Point should be specific enough to return only those professional web design companies located in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, USA.

This is not a perfect system, however – far from it, in fact. Many companies who have experience in internet marketing and website promotion are playing into this very theory to benefit themselves. They are optimizing their web pages for terms that are unrelated in the hopes that they will grab some spinoff traffic. If someone is searching on Stevens Point web design (or web design Stevens Point) it is safe to assume that they are looking only for businesses located in Stevens Point. But web site design companies located in relatively nearby (or not at all) cities are going after these terms as well. Thus, searchers may find that their efforts to narrow down their search is all for naught. A web design company in Minnesota, Chicago, Boston or even California may show up when searching for Stevens Point web design.

What these competitive web design companies fail to realize is that their efforts are not being focused enough. They are spending countless hours writing content and optimizing it for searches that are unrelated to them. Optimizing a web page for web design Stevens Point when the company is located in Vancouver is not going to bring the company much business. The searcher that arrives at their site will feel betrayed or misled that this company not located in Stevens Point has popped up near the top of their Google search. This has two potential negative implications:

  1. The web design company not located in Stevens Point will have to deal with unhappy customers and will end up wasting everyone’s time when it is made known that they are not physically located in Stevens Point.
  2. The search engines receive complaints that their search results are not as relevant as they should be.

So where is this going in the future? We have a theory on this. Google has started implementing localized search results for websites located in the United States. Searchers can specify where they are looking for companies as well as enter specific search terms. Once this localized searching becomes more prevalent, more accurate and, therefore, more useful, we will start seeing it implemented for Canadian sites as well as worldwide websites.

So when a searcher is looking for a Stevens Point web design company, they need not search for Stevens Point web design. They can perform a more generic search on something such as web design, web page design, or professional web design and then specify that they are looking for companies located in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, USA. This will better serve everyone involved, despite what the other web design companies may think and feel.

Localized search promises to reduce irrelevant results and better target results for web searchers. Stevens Point web design (or web design Stevens Point) won’t become a thing of the past – it will simply change. People will actually be able to find a web design company located in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, rather than a set of web design companies that have optimized their pages for Stevens Point web design.
Another consideration to a location is the area that the web design firm can call local. For instance, surrounding Stevens Point, WI is Wisconsin Rapids, Marshfield & Wausau. Each of these cities is apart of Central Wisconsin and within 35 - 40 minutes of each other. As a design firm in Stevens Point, we would consider Wisconsin Rapids, Marshfield & Wausau to be local.