All of the web sites that we create are required to be hosted on our servers. Which means in a sense we are also a website hosting provider.
The biggest difference is that we only host our own websites.  We will often adopt or move your static website to our commonSense CMS to allow you the ability to maintain the website yourself.  In some cases, the adoption process will require some redesign but we'll let you know before work begins.   If you need more than 10 pages moved from an existing website, we will show you how to do it or provide a quote if you prefer.
If you're on a server of ours here's what your website is running on:
Brand: Dell
Processor: Dual Intel Xeon 2.8G
RAM: 2Gigs
Web Server: Apache/1.3.33
OS: Enterprise RedHat Linux
Database Server: MySql 4.0.22
iMakeSense was concerned with the Data Center they housed their servers. After a nationwide search, we decided on a Madison Wisconsin based Data Center called 5nines.

5Nines Data Center
Located just off the Capitol square in downtown Madison, WI, 5Nines Data's unique physical location allows access to the main fiber cable network serving southeastern WI via existing conduit.
Network and telecommunication service opportunities are accessible with all major providers in the region. OC-192 capacity is available for redundant SONET ring connectivity to the internet via multiple tier-1 carriers.
5Nines Data offers 99.999% infrastructure uptime guarantee, 24x7 physical building security, surveillance systems, dry-pipe fire protection, UPS and backup generator facilities, and independent air-conditioning systems. Redundant circuits with separate transformers and substations provide electrical service and set the foundation for 5Nines' uptime guarantee.

Norlight's point of presence (POP) for Madison resides next door to 5Nines. Their Madison POP offers an OC-192, SONET ring (redundant) connectivity to local and regional networks and the internet via multiple access points (multiple tier-1 carriers), and load balancing. Through its unique location in Network 222 and physical proximity and access via existing conduit to fiber lines at the street, 5Nines also has network and telecommunication service opportunities with LightPoint, Charter, SBC, Global Crossing, Choice-One and TDS.
5Nines partners with iNOC for 3rd party 24x7 network and system device monitoring and reporting and TASC communications for 24x7 call center support.