Lets talk about what web site design is:
Web Site design is the pretty graphics, the look and feel.
Web Site design is how the web site will be organized into web pages.
Web Site design is the content within the web pages.
Web Site design is the programming it takes to make all that happen on the internet.
First, we provide a basic look and feel based upon our clients recommendations.
Second, we help organize our clients business into simple categories of information that can be found quickly.
Third, we create the web pages by using our special content management system.
Fourth, we take the content you give us and stick them into the web pages.
This can be done in varying degrees of detail. The more detail your web site requires the more expensive the project will cost.
Our typical "Small Biz Pro" package is currently only 500.00 for a 10 page website. This is considered a starter package and will get your business online quickly. When we're done, you'll have a website that others have paid double the amount.
If your business needs higher levels of design, we can always give you a custom quote for any project.